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  Passion for all things audiovisual and interactive.

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 Sound Design Reel

 Hear some of my SFX Design capabilities


Voice Design Reel

 Hear some of my Voice Design capabilities


A Pixel at a Time // 2024

Audio Designer & Co-Producer (ep3 onwards)

Join Inês Lagarto as we embark on a thrilling journey through the ever-evolving world of video games, exploring it from every angle – as players, developers, and enthusiasts.

Wanderer's Journal // 2024

Audio Designer

Two people from different worlds, find a mysterious journal that links them in spite of distance, leading them on a much greater journey than either of them expected.

Kardamon & Chilly // 2023

Audio Genie (Audio Designer)

 Kardamom & Chili is here to provide you with tips and tricks around business and branding, talks about life and its quirks, and is hosted by Heike, who is a branding coach (a combination of coaching and branding), and Vera, who is a holistic business photographer.

Video Games

Project "Caretos" // EsACT-IPB, 2019

Audio Engineer, Voice Acting Director and Sound Designer

Multimedia Project (Mobile Game, Interactive Table, Audioguide)

You can hear the audioguide on izitravel, and see the rest of our our by visiting the their museum.

VRock // Adamastor Studio, 2019

Sound Designer
Platform: PS4 VR
Note: The project development was put on hold after I left this position and was then completed, a few years after, by a different company.

itch.io // Games Jams

You can also check some of my Game Jam submissions at my itch.io page . 🎮


Moons of Celeros // Wakeform, 2023

Voice Designer & Sound Designer

You can check the first episode on the video above -- and, if you're interested, here is the full playlist!

Josh The Octoling // 2022~2024

Voice Designer & Sound Designer

 GMOD Animated Series

You can check all the videos I've contributed for in this playlist!

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