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Previous work


A Pixel at a Time // TBA

Audio Designer and Co-Producer

Check out the official site for more information!

Wanderer's Journal // 2024

Audio Engineer and Sound Design

Check out the official site for more information!

Kardamon & Chilly // 2023

Audio engineer / "Audio Genie"

You can hear it on Spotify, YouTube and also Apple Podcasts!


Moons of Celeros // Wakeform, 2023

Voice Designer and Sound Designer

Josh The Octoling // 2022 ~ 2023

Sound Designer


Girls' Frontline: Black Ops 1 // Game Mod

You can check it out on the project's github.

Project "Caretos" // EsACT-IPB, 2019

Audio Engineer, Voice Acting Director and Sound Designer

Multimedia Project (Mobile Game, Interactive Table, Audioguide)

You can hear the audioguide on izitravel, and see the rest of our our by visiting the their museum

VRock (PS4 VR) // Adamastor Studio, 2019

Sound Designer

Note: The project development was put on hold after I left this position and was then completed, a few years after, by a different company.

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José Machado is a Voice and Audio Designer, Multimedia Artist and (former) Game Programmer, with a passion for all things audiovisual and interactive, currently based in Porto, Portugal.

With a shipped PS4 title, a BSc in Digital Game Design and a master's in Art and Technologies of Sound, he has experience working on multiple projects, ranging from research scholarships to mobile applications, editing recordings to live performances.

For any business inquiries (or to say hello 👋), you can reach me at hi@josemachado.dev